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A Dumpster Rental Specialist’s Top Rated Contractors in Charlotte


Well, because we have the pleasure of delivering our dumpster rental service to many contractors and businesses across the greater Charlotte area, we can confidently recommend which company is ideal for your flood restoration project, your kitchen remodel or home sale

Why can we promise this?

Delivering our bins to our contractors clients’ home, we get to intimately see the tremendous remodeling and repair work done by these contractors. Having formed the relationships we’ve had since opening, we feel we’re a go-to source when you are seeking a contractor for your next remodeling, roof or disaster repair project. We took the liberty to compile a list of our favorite contractors for you to leverage, the next time you start a project.

Here’s the deal...

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, recovering from a flood disaster, needing junk to be physically removed from your home, redoing your roof or inquiring about a custom home build, one of these contractors throughout Charlotte that will suit your fancy. Of course, at the end of your project, when you need to remove all the construction debris from your home, make sure you trust Bin There Dump That as your dumpster rental solution

Quickly Recover From a Disaster With One of These Restoration Companies:

Hopefully, you will never have to endure a fire, water and/or storm disaster that damages your home. The truth is though, in Charlotte, you are susceptible to a home disaster. Heck, we saw first-hand the damage the floods of 2015 brought to the greater Charlotte area. Rest assure, if disaster should strike your home, one of these outstanding and responsive restoration companies that use our dumpster rental services across the greater Charlotte area will restore your home to your satisfaction.

Jenkins Restoration - Contact Mike Nelson if you are in need of repairs to your home if they have fire damage, water damage and/or storm damage.

RestoProz - Door & Window replacement, garage restoration or addition and roof replacement  or restoration are just a small sample of the fire and water damage projects Brandon and RestoProz can take care of for you.

General Contractors That will Transform Your Kitchen Into the One You Always Wanted

Over the course of delivering our service throughout Charlotte, we’ve witnessed some extraordinary transformations of kitchens, bathrooms, patios, outdoor living areas and even basements from some of the general contractors listed below. These remodelers are the best of the best in Charlotte.

Andrew Roby Construction - Andrew Roby is the premier custom residential contractor in the Carolinas.  If you are embarking on a project in remodeling, kitchen and bath renovations, new homes and handyman services contact Bo Butler and the Andrew Roby team.  

DiFabion Remodeling - For over 15 years, DiFabion’s full-service design/build remodeling team has excelled at kitchens, bathrooms, additions, porches, and many other home renovation projects. Contact Tim Harpst to get your project started today.

Alair Homes - Mike or Bruce at Alair (formerly Advanced Renovations) are a part of Charlotte Remodeling Contractors specializing in Room Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Screen Porches and Outdoor Living Areas.

Junk Removal Experts Who Will Professionally & Physically Remove Unwanted Items From Your Home

Sometimes, renting a dumpster won’t suffice; you require someone to physically take the unwanted goods out of your house or garage and take them to the landfill for you. We completely understand. Luckily for you, we know a company that provides an exceptional junk removal service in Charlotte.

JDog Junk Removal - JDog’s junk removal services are delivered the military way – with Respect, Integrity and Trust – they will arrive on time and respect your time and property. For those times where physical labor is needed to remove the stuff from your home, we are thrilled to recommend Greg Buck and his JDog team.

Roofing Contractors That You Can Trust To Keep You Dry

Nothing is worse than when a roof springs a leak. Immediately, you want the roof repaired by excellent craftsmen at a reasonable price. We provide a TON of dumpster rentals to roofers across Charlotte. Rest assure, when you hire any of these roofers, whether it’s a small repair or a complete replacement, your finished product is going to look superb and keep you dry!

TruGuard - TruGuard, for many years, has exceeded expectations across Charlotte through the use of exceptional communication and superior craftsmanship.  They say they’re “Tru to Our Word,” and they mean it. Contact Brian Pedrin today if you are experiencing a roof issue.  

<>Pinnacle - Specializing in residential and light commercial roofing, Pinnacle is committed to quality. They install all types of roofing and gutters, as well as offer custom metal fabrication. They will inspect, repair and maintain your property, from cleaning the gutters to ensuring that your roof is in great shape.

Home Builders That Specialize in Building the Luxurious Home You Want

Are you moving on up like the Jeffersons? If you are in the market for a brand, spanking new home, we can help you out. Our dumpsters have been lucky enough to grace the properties of some of the most luxurious home builds across Charlotte. Here’s our favorite home builder in Charlotte.   

Arcadia Custom Homes - Regardless of style, size or budget, Arcadia’s ultimate goal for homeowners is livable luxury. This is exemplified by Ron Langley and his team’s passion and devotion to custom homebuilding.

Realtors Who Want To Find You Your Dream Home

You may have reached a point in your life, where your dream house is a possible reality. To ensure you find that dream house with the perfect location for the right price, trust one of our recommended rockstar realtor teams.

Greg Walter Realty - From real estate investors to first time home buyers and everything in between, Greg Walter and team is a full service real estate brokerage firm dedicated to helping their clients to the fullest extent.

W Realty Group - You won’t need to travel far throughout Charlotte to see a W Realty Group sign on a driveway. The W Realty Group specializes in residential listings in the Greater Charlotte area. Our friend Scott Wurtzbacher is our contact at the W Realty Group.

OK, You're set; you're equipped to use the right contractor or service provider for whatever home project you are embarking on in the Greater Charlotte Area. Best of luck! Remember, at the end of your home project and/or sale, trust Bin There Dump That for your dumpster rental.

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