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6 Simple Home Organization Tips You Need This Holiday Season

Here’s the deal...
The holiday season brings us a lot of joy, time with family and friends, food and drink and also a lot of clutter. If you have children, especially multiple children, this clutter issue is multiplied.

Renting dumpsters throughout Charlotte, we know a lot about de-cluttering and staying organized around the holidays but we enlisted the help of two of Charlotte’s finest organizers to weigh in on tips that will surely keep your home organized this holiday season

We will dive deep into tips to make Christmas baking more efficient, how to properly store those balled-up Christmas lights and of course the final purge of the holiday season. 

Make Christmas Baking a Breeze With This Preparation Tactic

I’m sure you’ll be able to empathize with this...

You’ve found this new Christmas cookie recipe you have to try on Google. When you start getting your hands dirty in the dough, accessing this recipe becomes increasingly difficult. Not only is cookie dough all over your hands but you're trying to follow this recipe that’s on your iPhone and it keeps going to the lock screen. 

Well, Tenna Rasmussen of Organized To A T Suggests you print out or screenshot all of your recipes. Recipe sites (like the food network and southern living) will be highly trafficked and will be moving more slowly. Save yourself time and efforts from continually trying to access that recipe on your mobile device (because who's not using their mobile device?).

Retrieve Decorations Without Hassle By Using Color-Coded Totes 

We’ve all been there before... 

You're looking for the tree decorations but you simply cannot recall which tote you put them in. 

Jolene Swatsworth and Renee Martini of Stript Home Organizing are huge proponents of color coding your tote bins with the holiday colors.

"It makes looking for your  totes much easier when you see red and green for example. Also using a handy dandy label maker to label the outside of the bins with its contents. So you aren’t sifting through each bin to look for a particular item." 

Christmas Totes for Holiday Home Organization.jpgQuit Balling Up Your Christmas Lights And Store Them Away Correctly

Jolene suggests using a single piece of cardboard and wrapping your lights around it. You can then label each piece of cardboard so you know exactly where each string of lights should be hung. They then can fit nicely in a single file order right into a tote. Eliminating the dreaded ball of lights and how to untangle them.

Prevent Buying Christmas Wrapping Paper You Already Have Using These Tips

We love this idea from Jolene and Renee.. 

Tweet: keeping your holiday wrapping paper, tags, bows and other accessories separate from everyday wrapping paper helps to save you time and keep it simple when you are ready to start wrapping all your holiday presents!

"keeping your holiday wrapping paper, tags, bows and other accessories separate from everyday wrapping paper helps to save you time and keep it simple when you are ready to start wrapping all your holiday presents! Keeping your wrapping paper in designated totes or bins will help keep it in good shape and avoid rips and tears."

You've Gone Through Painstaking Efforts To Host A Holiday Party; Here's How To Enjoy It

Say yes to help! Don't try to be a hero....if someone offers to help you clean up or put away food, take them up on it! You can enjoy an intimate conversation while doing the task in half the time. Then you can both get back to the festivities quickly.

Make Room For The New Holiday Decor By Purging The Old

it is so important to purge rarely used and unwanted items when you are packing all your holiday items back away for the year. To leave room for those unexpected target buys that add to all your holiday decor. Because we all know we can’t avoid the $1 bins at the front door and after holiday sales! 

Of course, a Bin There Dump That dumpster rental can assist all residents of Charlotte with their Christmas and holiday decluttering!


Stript Home Organizing is a Charlotte based professional Home organizing company. Jolene Swatsworth and Renee Martini are the owners and organizers that make up the Stript team. 

They conquer clutter in peoples' homes and create personalized storage systems to bring harmony back into peoples' homes and lives. 

Tenna Rasmussen of Organized to a T relocated to Charlotte from Southern California in 2015. She has spent the last 7 years organizing peoples' homes and offices to help make their lives easier. She believes in providing a customized organization solution to each and every one of her clients. 

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